about a dream: what a lovely weekend, part 4

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

what a lovely weekend, part 4

the bronx zoo

on monday, our final day, we went to the bronx zoo with the mascia girls. what a great zoo. we started at the bison, and worked our way to the madagascar exhibit, where we saw lemurs, fish, alligators, and cockroaches. oh and the red tomato frogs. the cockroaches were behind glass in this fake tree (so it was kind of darkish in there), and i took maggie in to see them and she got really scared! poor kid! i rushed her out, but when she was telling mom and dad about it that night, she put her hands on her face and said "i saw the bugs and i got scared!" it was too cute.

the girls really liked the sea lions too, we were there at feeding time. nina says her favorite thing was the peacock who opened his feathers and the lions, because they were growling. see, one of the females had caught a duck, and she was taunting another female with it, and the male lion was trying to maintain order, so there was a LOT of growling going on. it was cool but scary! the girls loved it though.

the polar bear and giraffes were also big hits.

we left straight from the zoo, which was great because we were already about a half an hour north of astoria, and the kids were tuckered out, so the fell asleep and slept for 1.5 and 2.15 hours (maggie slept longer). our trip home was a piece of cake! we stopped for dinner and 2 other quick bathroom breaks (the downside of potty training early is that more potty stops are required during car trips), but we were still home by 9:30 (we left the zoo at 2). amazing!

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