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Monday, May 3, 2010

there's so much going on in the garden!

big weekend for the garden! i can't remember the last time i updated, so i'll just give a general status report.

currently planted in the garden are:
potato plants. 7 or 8. nothing above the soil yet, those went in a week and a half ago.
peas. we have sprouts!
green beans. went in about a week after the peas, no sprouts yet.
tomato plants. my 3 biggest went in yesterday. kind of my test plants to see if the rest are ready to go in.
pumpkin sprouts were transplanted. one is especially vigorous.
carrots have sprouted. a second row went in about 3 weeks after the first and that hadn't sprouted yet. then again, i haven't looked closely in a few days, so maybe they have.
spinach. seedlings are growing slowly. i'd like to see them grow a bit faster truthfully, but i don't know if there's anything i can do. they supposedly like it cool and grow best in temps under 70, so maybe they're just supposed to take a while.
one lonely okra seedling. it was in a glass container inside and i dropped it, so i decided to see how it did in the garden. i'm keeping it covered at night for now since it's really more of a warm-weather plant. i have 2 more okra plants that i'll put in in another month or so, when overnight temps stay above 50.

since the tomatoes also like it warmer, i'll be covering them at night too. fun fun fun in the garden!

i got 2 blueberry bushes at hannaford yesterday too, one i planted but then the black flies got to me too much. i'll plant the second one today. they're going in between the garden and the edge of the lawn.

the strawberries have also gone into ground, so the strawberry patch is up and running. unfortunately, i'm supposed to clip off almost all of the strawberry and blueberry buds this year, so encourage the plants to put their energy into growth this first season. bummer! i'll probably let just a few get ripe. then again, we seem to have a good amount of little, wild strawberries around, so maybe i'll be able to be happy with those.

finally, inside we still have the world's slowest growing pepper sprouts, finally showing minuscule pairs of true leaves but still at least a month away from being big enough to go in the garden. maybe they'll grow faster when i transplant them into bigger pots? we'll see, because i'm going to transplant them soon.
also inside are those 2 okras, the rest of the tomatos, nasturtiums, and watermelon and cantaloupe seeds, which just went in the soil and haven't sprouted yet. oh yeah and 2 small little basil sprouts. i need to put some more of that up...

so there it is! the only things that haven't been opened yet are the zucchini, cilantro, and turnips.

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