about a dream: our first harvest

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

our first harvest

here it is, the first products of our garden. it's spinach. i only picked it because the spinach is starting to bolt (in the days of yore, i would have made that word a link to the definition of bolting. now, i'm just going to tell you that bolting, according to ed smith, my garden guru, is when the plant puts up a flowering stem. apparently it means the plant has decided it's not able to grow much more, so it's time to put its resources into flowering and seeding.) which is to say, my spinach is stressed. i don't know why... too warm? not enough sun? too much water? not enough water? poor soil? we'll never know. but, since ed says to pick the spinach when it starts to bolt because it will soon taste too strong, i did. and there it is.

nina liked it anyway, she can't wait for more. and there's still more in the garden that doesn't seem to be bolting yet, so maybe there will be a big spinach dinner one day in our future after all. i'll not hold my breath.

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