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Sunday, May 23, 2010

kansas city OOHH oh kaaaansas cityeeee

we're having a wonderful time in KC! wyatt is adorable, so happy and giggly! the girls love him. nina more than maggie really, but maggie likes him too. just not when i'm holding him. woo hoo! boy does she get mad, good thing we're not planning on more kids. i sat him up on the floor yesterday when he was done with his tummy time, right in front of me. but maggie thought he was on my lap and she got mad! she said 'no mama! grandma can have wyatt!' then today when i picked him up she cried and hit me. she's a little spitfire.

the trip over went really well. we woke up at 3 am (seemed like it was going to be a good idea when we booked the tickets, and actually was easier than i thought it would be, since i have no trouble falling asleep at 8:00 pm anyway). the flights were uneventful, and we landed at 10:30 am! so getting up really early paid off, we got an entire day here on friday.

then yesterday we went to a neighborhood dog show, a nearby park, and then drew all over vanessa's sidewalk and front porch with chalk. boy was it hot though! mid-80s, that's a lot for us mainers.

nick and i had to spend our anniversary apart tho. :-( but it was no worse than having to spend a weekend apart from my garden. haha!

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