about a dream: some of our kansas city pictures

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

some of our kansas city pictures

we had such a great time in kansas city! we didn't get home until 1 am last night (this morning, technically). the travels home were not too bad--our plane took a while to get off the runway in KC, but we made up most of the time in the air, so our layover at laguradia was almost as long as it was supposed to be. there were some late stragglers onto the portland flight too, so that one waited at the gate a while too. lots of sitting in a plane on the ground, but maggie slept and nina was happily coloring, so all was good in my world. sure, the circulation to my legs was compromised by the 30 lbs of maggie on my lap (sorry, 28.5 as per her 2 year old well-child checkup this morning), and sure, i couldn't get up to go to the bathroom (i find myself especially thankful for my c-sections in times like this), but it's ok. a sleeping maggie is worth quite a lot of discomfort.

i'm only going on about the flights because i can't remember what i've already written about KC, and i don't want to repeat myself. so maybe i'll go read that other KC entry and fill in missing details. otherwise, i'll let our photos speak for themselves. i love the one of wyatt's big smile. and the girls had SUCH a blast on the drums, they can't wait to play again (could you imagine have 2 drummer kids? oh my!)


Oma said...

Great pics! (of the spinach as well) ... did you get a new card reader?

Vanessa said...

Too bad there is a paper napkin stuffed down Wyatt's shirt!! :) Could that smile be any bigger?

des said...

i love that picture! it's my favorite. i even love the napkin in his shirt, it's so mom.

i didn't get any pictures of us, or me and wyatt! next time.

Oma said...

Maybe the paper napkin is what made him so happy! What a cutie!