about a dream: kindergarten registration was yesterday!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

kindergarten registration was yesterday!

well i'm really on a blogging roll, aren't i. maggie dearest didn't nap today, so she was out by 7:15, and nina i think has a bit of hay fever, so she went out around 7:45. finally, an early night!

so, i was going to tell you about kindergarten registration yesterday. our appointment was at 3:15, but we went to the school at about 2:30 so the kids could play at the playground before hand. remember our elementary school playground, vanessa and erik? well, it is no more! all that's there is a crummy set of swings. there's space for 4 swings on it, but only 3 are up. very ghetto. at least there's grass where there used to be wood chips under the play stuff, but jeez, what a lame playground! i hear that the PTA is trying to raise money for a new playground, i guess i'll be baking cupcakes and whatnot for that soon. well, the girls had fun swinging, so it was all good.

then we went inside and walked down the halls for a few minutes, used the bathroom (nina LOVED the old sinks. remember them? you step on the bar at the bottom and water sprays out kind of like from a shower, and it's a semi-circle trough-style, so like 10 little kids can all wash their hands at once? but they don't have to use that rough, pink, granular soap any more, they have those fancy-schmancy foam soap dispensers on the wall now. ohh la la!) also, the library is down the hall past the art room (we didn't get that far, ran out of time), and the old library is i think the reading lab. changes!

the registration itself was not really a big deal, i mostly filled out forms while mrs. tonon copied nina's immunization record, birth certificate, SS card, and a bill to show proof of residence. the girls colored happily while this was going on (maggie discussing the colors she was going to use, while i'm checking the box to indicate that yes, nina knows all of her colors. in fact, maggie knew almost all of the things they asked about--letters (upper and lower case), numbers through 10, counting to 20, i think, and shapes. she's ready for kindergarten! remember how nina's old pediatrician used to say "well, she's just ready for college!" whenever nina, at 18 months old, would answer her questions in complete sentences.)

i digress. well, that's really all there is anyway. next wednesday is an open house, where nina will get to see the kindy classrooms and meet the teachers. we can't wait! she loves the school, and keeps asking when she can go back.

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Vanessa said...

Fun! So that is where the little kids still have recess, but there are just 3 swings??? That is crazy!