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Monday, May 10, 2010

busy busy busy and getting busier!

when the blogging lapses like this, it's a sure bet i'm either sick or really busy. this time it's busy! nina's dance recital was this weekend (it was so much fun!), and leading up to that was a big week of practice and dress rehearsal: dance on tuesday, dance on wednesday, dress rehearsal on thursday evening, performance on friday evening, and performance on saturday afternoon. whew!

the performances were so much fun, but so much work for me! nina is in two classes and three performances. her ballet/tap class did one ballet and one tap number, and her ballet/creative movement class did a combined, double-length, ballet/creative movement number. so that meant three costumes. first was the 'somewhere over the rainbow' ballet number, so she started off in her big, fluffy white tutu with the rainbow sash. that was #3 on the program. next she was up at #6 on the program in her red costume for the classical medley ballet/creative movement number. then it was a super quick change into her jeans and t-shirt (that she decorated herself) for the tap 'i love my shirt' number, #8. that last change had to be quick, because the class lined up backstage during #7, which obviously immediately follows #6, in which nina was dancing onstage.

but man, that kid did great! she knew her routines so well! and she's so beautiful and graceful, and i'm not just saying that because i'm her mother. she really worked hard to learn all that!!

grandma and aunt maria came for saturday's performance, and after that we all went to sarah's pizza for an early mother's day lunch.

sunday we had a nice mother's day brunch at church. there was also an incident with a tick over the course of the weekend, but i am too tired to recount that tale tonight. i promise i will later though. suffice it to say for now that everyone is fine (except maybe for me, who is still possibly scarred and definitely skeeved out by my tick removing duty).

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