about a dream: i didn't win the election!

Monday, May 3, 2010

i didn't win the election!

i don't believe it. people out there voted for someone besides me! for shame! susan norton won, she works at a bank from what i read in the register. hm! oh well, for the best really, i'm sure everyone from the school would hate me before long, and then i'd worry about them taking it out on nina and maggie. in fact, worrying about that would probably prevent me from doing what i really wanted on the board, and then i'd just get frustrated and end up yelling at people, making the situation even worse. so it goes!

however, we ran into nora and iris while voting, and all ended up at the playground, so some good came of it.

not much else happened today. it was hot and humid! 79 was the high, insane for the first week of may. summer's here!!

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Oma said...

Not to worry, Des ... you're just getting your feet wet, and there will certainly be other opportunities for you to make your voice heard in the community ... and don't forget: you haven't even been back for a year yet ...