about a dream: January 2010

Sunday, January 31, 2010

water park was fun!

maggie and nina loved it, and so did we! there were little water slides for the kids with a shallow pool where they spent most of their time. they also loved the hot tub, which was only 95 degrees--so, like warm bath water, and not too hot for them. there was also a tube slide for people over 48 inches tall, and it was so much fun! nick and i did it a bunch of times. one of the tunnels was dark, the other one was light. the dark one was kinda like space mountain. fun fun fun! there was also a river that you could float down in tubes. the 4 of us got on a double tube and had fun on that too.

for nina, the hotel room was almost as much fun as the water park. she loves hotels!

today we're at erik and isabelle's, have fun with them and chester.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

a tuesday/wednesday catchup

tuesday and wednesday are our dance days--ballet/creative movement on tuesdays, ballet/tap on wedensday morning. maggie likes to run around the track while nina is dancing (wun on da twack!) and say hello (allo! like she's from austraila or something) to the other joggers.

it was also so, so nice out that we got to spend a lot of time outside. nina likes to "ice skate" on the ice in the driveway (maggie calls it ice slipping. i don't know if that's an accidental misprnounciation or intentional! she's such a smart little girl it's probably intentional).

what else... well tomorrow we're going to an indoor water park in danvers. i'll try to remember to bring the camera, i've been slacking on taking pictures lately. the girls are so excited! and so excited to see erik, isabelle, and chester. and their new baby! that's what nina told grandpa. haha! i think she thought they have a baby because she's a bit confused about wyatt, but also because she's been obsessing a little bit about how she doesn't want to share grandma and grandpa with any more cousins. we were talking about it, and i was telling her that one day erik and isabelle will have kids, and it'll be great, because more cousins=more fun. so i think she was probably thinking about that for the past few days and didn't realize that the erik/isabelle cousins were still ideas, not realities. or she knows something that the rest of us don't!! :-P you know she can be a bit psychic after all...

potty post--we're almost there folks!

maggie used the potty ALL DAY today, and she INITIATED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "mama, bathroom!" she'd say (only it sounds like baff-woom, cute!). she even POOPED on the potty! that hasn't happen since the one coincidental poop we had on her first birthday. go maggie! i think this is really it this time. woo hoo!

Monday, January 25, 2010

first swimming lesson

nina's first swimming lesson was this morning. it was great! she really seemed to like it. the instructor is very nice, very no pressure, which nina responds best to (i guess probably most kids). her friend ariel from church is also in the class, plus 2 boys that we already know from around town and from free swim on thursdays. grandma came too, and she and maggie did a lap around the track (maggie was the track goodwill embassador, saying hi to everyone), but then maggie wanted to come back.

afterwards, we went to brunswick and had lunch with great-grandma, then got to see jessica's film at grandma's place's big room with the big tv. it was great! uncle lee was fantastic, even nina and maggie liked it.

sleepover was a success!!

nina is such a big girl! she slept in her own bed (my old bed) ALL NIGHT LONG! so she IS capable of it! she woke up in the morning, went into grandma's dressing room, pulled a chair up to the clothes, got grandma's waitressing uniform, and walked into grandma and grandpa's room to give to grandma. haha!

maggie did fine without nina too. when we first left grandma and grandpa's without nina, she was confused and upset. but when we explained that we didn't forget nina, she was sleeping over there, then she was ok. i told maggie she could sleep there too when she's done nursing at night, but she wasn't interested.

at least nina told me that she missed me the next morning. whew! i was beginning to worry that she'd want to move in next door permanently. i'm glad she loves her grandparents, but it is nice to be missed. :-)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

mermaid stylish

the girls and i like to watch say yes to the dress on TLC (liked. TLC is gone now!). it's a show about kleinfeld's in NY, a store with like, 15,000 wedding dresses, and it follows the sales staff and the women they sell dresses to. we love it. nina has picked up a lot about style from it, but i didn't think maggie had, until yesterday.
we were visiting bethany and sam while they were here in boothbay, and the TV was on with project runway playing. (project runway is about some wannabee fashion designers and heidi klum is a judge). there was a fashion show going on, with fashions by the designer/contestants, and the models were walking down the runway. maggie looked up at it as a woman in a halter gown was walking down the runway. "mermaid," she commented. "no," i said, "that's not mermaid style, that's an A-line."
bethany looked at me. "what are you talking about?" she asked.
and i had to explain that we watch say yes to the dress and maggie was commenting on the dress style. at which point nina chimed in "no maggie, that's not mermaid-stylish." (that's how she says it). (the dress was more of an A-line FYI)

funny kids!

we're going for the sleepover!

nina is at grandma and grandpas for the night! when we left she was heading upstairs in her footie pjs, toothbrush in hand. she was EXHAUSTED, too, so i'm thinking she was out before 8. but the excitement might have given her a bit of a buzz, so we'll see when we get the grandparents' report tomorrow.

last night was somewhat successful. you'll recall that i told nina that she had to sleep in her bed alone all night if she was going to spend the night at grandma and grandpas. well, she did. but she did call for nick 3 times; once she had a leg cramp that needed rubbing, once she needed to blow her nose, and he doesn't remember what the 3rd one was for. but each time she told him not to get in bed with her because she wanted to sleep by herself all night. she followed the letter of our law, but the SPIRIT was that she wouldn't wake up and ask for us at all. i guess i should have been clearer. live and learn!

but she was SO excited to sleep at grandma and grandpas today (and wake up there! and eat breakfast there! and lunch and dinner! i don't think they're going to be able to get rid of her until bedtime tomorrow :-).

well grandma and grandpa, feel free to comment and let us know how the falling asleep went!

Friday, January 22, 2010

maggie is a handful

poor little maggie. she tipped a small bookcase onto herself at the library today. :-( she was probably trying to climb up it, but i wasn't there. bad mommy! i had darted off to email nick. see, here's an instance where if we had 2 phones, this maybe could have been avoided. well, they were just paperbacks, she was fine. but buried under the books! it would have been cute if she wasn't crying. :-(

nina was also being adorable today. and she went to bed all by herself tonight! usually one of us lays down with her, but not tonight. she wanted to go to sleep all by herself. she's growing up! that, and we told her that if she could sleep by herself all night, she can sleep over at grandma and grandpa's tomorrow. i meant not wake up and call for one of us, but i guess she thought fall asleep by herself too. well, i'll let you know tomorrow if she sleeps by herself all night and if she does a sleepover at grandma's tomorrow. my baby is growing up!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

we made a snowman

boy oh boy do we have a lot of snow! we woke up to 8 MORE inches this morning. egad!! since there was no way i was going to get the hyundai out without a lot of trouble, we stayed in and played in the snow. it got up to 35, so we were out there for a good hour, building the incredible snow man pictured above (blocksam was his name. nina picked it).

the girls were really into building him. maggie packed snow onto his bottom like it was her job. nina too. i brought out the watercolors to decorate him and maggie suggested we paint letters. she really, really loves letters.

so, out of the blue today maggie started calling me "desiree." only she says it "desiwee." too cute! she's been calling nick by his first name for at least a month now (longer?), but it's funnier to me to hear my name. cute kid!

Monday, January 18, 2010

snow day!

wow did we get a lot of snow today! we were expecting about 2 inches overnight, but instead woke up to about 8, and it was still snowing! we ended up getting about a foot. the girls and i got out twice to go frolic in the fluff (it was very light powder, not suitable for snowballs or snowmen, but great for jumping in). not too too cold, high was 29 i think, but windy. maggie liked it when i plopped her into the snow and nina liked climbing up on the snow banks that the plow truck left and then rolling down.

nina was supposed to go to her first swimming lesson today but morning classes were canceled at the Y. class is at 9:30. early! i think i'll take maggie running on the track while nina swims. i'll let you know how she likes it next week!

Friday, January 15, 2010

the nap came back

she was sooooooooooo tired today. i feel like it was a victory! even though it was only a half hour, and she slept in my arms the whole time. i guess you could say it was a rather begrudging nap. well, i'll take what i can get. she fell asleep at 8 too, so a pretty ideal sleep day. and if she hadn't saved up that poop she might have been asleep at 7:45.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

naps are for babies!

oh maggie, you are a sweet but stubborn child. and clever.

yesterday, i was nursing maggie to sleep for her nap in the living room while nina watched some TV for her quiet time in the family room. maggie's eyes were closed and she was sleeping peacefully for a minute when i whispered to nick "is nina watching TV or a movie?" "TV," said nick. "but i'll go put on mulan now."

maggie's eyes flew open. "MULAN!!!" she said, hopped up, and trotted off into the family room.

she was asleep! we were whispering! but she heard us.... she didn't nap that day at all. and today, when i was trying to nurse her to sleep at naptime again, she rested for a minute, then said, "mulan!" and ran off to the family room. i tried to no avail to prove to her that it wasn't on, and wouldn't come on even if she fell asleep. nope. no nap today either. this better not be a trend little maggie!

"guess who i am?"

when i woke up this morning, nina came upstairs and said "guess who i am?"

she was wearing a purple robe with a sword tucked into it, a pink striped hat, knee-high black stockings, pink slippers, and had "worm" (one of those floppy, tentacled rubber toys) sticking out of her shirt.

i was stumped i'll tell you!

turns out she's a soldier, specifically ping, who is mulan when she disguises herself as a solider in the movie mulan, which we've watched about 1,000 times this month. ad worm was playing the role of moo-shoo, mulan's dragon/guardian. duh!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

i made myself a t-shirt skirt

not NEARLY as cute as nina's, but comfy and it will do. here it is:

maggie's 18 month check-up

went fantastically! she is the picture of robust health. 33 3/4 inches (91st percentile) tall and 26 lbs 6 oz (70th percentile). she has slimmed considerably--her height to weight ratio percentile is now the 33rd. but don't worry, she still has her adorably chubby tummy!

the dr was blown away by how advanced she is. her speech, gross motor skills (he didn't get to see her fine motor skills, but those are amazing too. she holds a pencil like an adult, and has since she first picked one up). he asked her which ear he could look in first during the exam, and she responded "this ear," pointing to her left ear. he also asked her "are you a big kid now, or a baby?" and she responded "i'm a baby" and snuggled into my arms.

and no shots! all caught up until her K shots. woo hoo!

Friday, January 8, 2010

but i don't want to leave grandma's house...

even though she spent ALL day at grandma's house (and waited in her boots and coat for 15 minutes while she was ready to go over but maggie and i weren't), nina still didn't want to leave at the end of the day. she was tired, and getting irrational, but i indulged her. "do you want me to terminate our parental rights and grandma and grandpa can adopt you," i asked. "then you can be their kid and live here. and i'll be your sister!" "no," nina responded, "friend." just like that she would disown me entirely. acquaintances. my heart would be broken, but she was just tired. she consoled herself by pretending nick and i were grandma and grandpa back at home. just call me grandma!

well it's been a while

we all got sick. well, not nick, but he never gets sick. he said he was feeling a bit under the weather today, but he didn't have any symptoms (no sore throat, fever, coughing, sneezing, runny nose, all of which maggie, nina, and i have had), so i rejected his opinion on his condition. yup, nick is just fine!

i'm STILL tried and my nose is still stuffy, so forgive me if i jump around topics and don't make a lot of sense. ok the week in review!

i have no recollection of monday. none!

on tuesday i know nina had dance and maggie and i went to rite aid and hannaford. good times. i got some wrapping paper, 75% off. princess and tinkerbell, the girls played with it for half an hour. i love the way they make toys out of anything.

wednesday nina had dance again.

thursday we went to the Y for swim, running around the track, and then dinner at ebb tide. big day! we've been doing a lot of Y stuff this week, it's cold out.

and today, just hanging out at grandma's!

so see, there wasn't too much to write about. just a slow, cold week in january. the only thing that's changed is that maggie is talking more and more each day. she's putting together a lot of 3 and 4 word sentences (for example: look mama, big neigh! or, no nina mine!!!! haha). she says "okay" a lot too, only she pronounces it "otay" which is the cutest thing ever.

oh, and i've been sewing a lot, but the pictures are all up on facebook so you all know about that already. i love it! anyone need anything sewn or mended, you just let me know!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

we saw princess tiana today!

me, mom, maggie, and nina all went to see the princess and the frog today. so fun! it's set in new orleans and there's frequent talk of beignets and gumbo, so don't go on an empty stomach. but definitely worth seeing! lots of jazz and frogs, i think wyatt's gonna love it too!

maggie actually watched the whole ting too. at one point i took her to the bathroom and she kept saying "back frog? back frog?" (tiana and prince naveen were frogs throughout most of the movie).

can't wait to go back to the movies!

a quick cute

last night maggie was sitting in her toy doll stroller, waiting for someone to push her, but none of us noticed. so she stood up, stomped into the room, and yelled "HEY! PUSH ME!!"

Saturday, January 2, 2010

happy 2010!

i like typing that, 2010. nice round number.

had a very fun party yesterday! 8 little kids running around (and one tiny baby who mostly slept on his mom), but they were all so well-behaved and had such fun. i really love our crowd here in maine, just a bunch of sweet, happy kids. nina and hattie led the boys in a long game of dress-up, even james and charlie had on tutus and heels (i mean, heelers. i love the way nina calls them that!), and we got photos. nina, james, and charlie will all be in the same class, so i'll be hanging on to these pics for their senior yearbook. gosh, that'll be what... class of 2023. eek! ok i don't need to think about that happening!

a good turnout too in spite of the icky weather--thanks dad for running the shuttle! and mom said you shouldn't have kept the tips, tsk tsk tsk (it was his joke, i can't take credit!)

nina and i are now feeling under the weather, at least this didn't happen yesterday. my poor sinuses just don't drain like maggie's do, and i have all this pressure now. maybe i'll try standing on my head or something, there has to be a position that'll get this snot out.

so it's the new year, any resolutions? i have to think of some...