about a dream: sleepover was a success!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

sleepover was a success!!

nina is such a big girl! she slept in her own bed (my old bed) ALL NIGHT LONG! so she IS capable of it! she woke up in the morning, went into grandma's dressing room, pulled a chair up to the clothes, got grandma's waitressing uniform, and walked into grandma and grandpa's room to give to grandma. haha!

maggie did fine without nina too. when we first left grandma and grandpa's without nina, she was confused and upset. but when we explained that we didn't forget nina, she was sleeping over there, then she was ok. i told maggie she could sleep there too when she's done nursing at night, but she wasn't interested.

at least nina told me that she missed me the next morning. whew! i was beginning to worry that she'd want to move in next door permanently. i'm glad she loves her grandparents, but it is nice to be missed. :-)


Vanessa said...

Way to go Nina! Now, how has she been back at home... waking you guys up during the night? Did mom, okay probably dad, say anything to her, before bed to convince her, or do you think being extra tired helped (sounds like a late night)?

How funny about the uniform. I guess she thought mom might have to work that morning?

nick and des said...

i talked with her about letting mom and dad sleep at night, and she took a teddy bear into her room to cuddle with. she said she didn't wake up at all though. usually going to bed late makes for more difficult sleeping. i wonder if maggie making noise at night is part of the prob here.

nick got into bed with her last night, but only because maggie came into our bed and he was exiled. tonight he'll sleep on the floor bed when maggie comes into bed.