about a dream: maggie's 18 month check-up

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

maggie's 18 month check-up

went fantastically! she is the picture of robust health. 33 3/4 inches (91st percentile) tall and 26 lbs 6 oz (70th percentile). she has slimmed considerably--her height to weight ratio percentile is now the 33rd. but don't worry, she still has her adorably chubby tummy!

the dr was blown away by how advanced she is. her speech, gross motor skills (he didn't get to see her fine motor skills, but those are amazing too. she holds a pencil like an adult, and has since she first picked one up). he asked her which ear he could look in first during the exam, and she responded "this ear," pointing to her left ear. he also asked her "are you a big kid now, or a baby?" and she responded "i'm a baby" and snuggled into my arms.

and no shots! all caught up until her K shots. woo hoo!

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