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Saturday, January 2, 2010

happy 2010!

i like typing that, 2010. nice round number.

had a very fun party yesterday! 8 little kids running around (and one tiny baby who mostly slept on his mom), but they were all so well-behaved and had such fun. i really love our crowd here in maine, just a bunch of sweet, happy kids. nina and hattie led the boys in a long game of dress-up, even james and charlie had on tutus and heels (i mean, heelers. i love the way nina calls them that!), and we got photos. nina, james, and charlie will all be in the same class, so i'll be hanging on to these pics for their senior yearbook. gosh, that'll be what... class of 2023. eek! ok i don't need to think about that happening!

a good turnout too in spite of the icky weather--thanks dad for running the shuttle! and mom said you shouldn't have kept the tips, tsk tsk tsk (it was his joke, i can't take credit!)

nina and i are now feeling under the weather, at least this didn't happen yesterday. my poor sinuses just don't drain like maggie's do, and i have all this pressure now. maybe i'll try standing on my head or something, there has to be a position that'll get this snot out.

so it's the new year, any resolutions? i have to think of some...

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