about a dream: a tuesday/wednesday catchup

Thursday, January 28, 2010

a tuesday/wednesday catchup

tuesday and wednesday are our dance days--ballet/creative movement on tuesdays, ballet/tap on wedensday morning. maggie likes to run around the track while nina is dancing (wun on da twack!) and say hello (allo! like she's from austraila or something) to the other joggers.

it was also so, so nice out that we got to spend a lot of time outside. nina likes to "ice skate" on the ice in the driveway (maggie calls it ice slipping. i don't know if that's an accidental misprnounciation or intentional! she's such a smart little girl it's probably intentional).

what else... well tomorrow we're going to an indoor water park in danvers. i'll try to remember to bring the camera, i've been slacking on taking pictures lately. the girls are so excited! and so excited to see erik, isabelle, and chester. and their new baby! that's what nina told grandpa. haha! i think she thought they have a baby because she's a bit confused about wyatt, but also because she's been obsessing a little bit about how she doesn't want to share grandma and grandpa with any more cousins. we were talking about it, and i was telling her that one day erik and isabelle will have kids, and it'll be great, because more cousins=more fun. so i think she was probably thinking about that for the past few days and didn't realize that the erik/isabelle cousins were still ideas, not realities. or she knows something that the rest of us don't!! :-P you know she can be a bit psychic after all...

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