about a dream: maggie is a handful

Friday, January 22, 2010

maggie is a handful

poor little maggie. she tipped a small bookcase onto herself at the library today. :-( she was probably trying to climb up it, but i wasn't there. bad mommy! i had darted off to email nick. see, here's an instance where if we had 2 phones, this maybe could have been avoided. well, they were just paperbacks, she was fine. but buried under the books! it would have been cute if she wasn't crying. :-(

nina was also being adorable today. and she went to bed all by herself tonight! usually one of us lays down with her, but not tonight. she wanted to go to sleep all by herself. she's growing up! that, and we told her that if she could sleep by herself all night, she can sleep over at grandma and grandpa's tomorrow. i meant not wake up and call for one of us, but i guess she thought fall asleep by herself too. well, i'll let you know tomorrow if she sleeps by herself all night and if she does a sleepover at grandma's tomorrow. my baby is growing up!

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