about a dream: naps are for babies!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

naps are for babies!

oh maggie, you are a sweet but stubborn child. and clever.

yesterday, i was nursing maggie to sleep for her nap in the living room while nina watched some TV for her quiet time in the family room. maggie's eyes were closed and she was sleeping peacefully for a minute when i whispered to nick "is nina watching TV or a movie?" "TV," said nick. "but i'll go put on mulan now."

maggie's eyes flew open. "MULAN!!!" she said, hopped up, and trotted off into the family room.

she was asleep! we were whispering! but she heard us.... she didn't nap that day at all. and today, when i was trying to nurse her to sleep at naptime again, she rested for a minute, then said, "mulan!" and ran off to the family room. i tried to no avail to prove to her that it wasn't on, and wouldn't come on even if she fell asleep. nope. no nap today either. this better not be a trend little maggie!

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Oma said...

You and Nick will have to resort to lip-reading instead of whispering!