about a dream: we made a snowman

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

we made a snowman

boy oh boy do we have a lot of snow! we woke up to 8 MORE inches this morning. egad!! since there was no way i was going to get the hyundai out without a lot of trouble, we stayed in and played in the snow. it got up to 35, so we were out there for a good hour, building the incredible snow man pictured above (blocksam was his name. nina picked it).

the girls were really into building him. maggie packed snow onto his bottom like it was her job. nina too. i brought out the watercolors to decorate him and maggie suggested we paint letters. she really, really loves letters.

so, out of the blue today maggie started calling me "desiree." only she says it "desiwee." too cute! she's been calling nick by his first name for at least a month now (longer?), but it's funnier to me to hear my name. cute kid!

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Oma said...

What a handsome snowman! Good job, everyone!