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Friday, January 8, 2010

well it's been a while

we all got sick. well, not nick, but he never gets sick. he said he was feeling a bit under the weather today, but he didn't have any symptoms (no sore throat, fever, coughing, sneezing, runny nose, all of which maggie, nina, and i have had), so i rejected his opinion on his condition. yup, nick is just fine!

i'm STILL tried and my nose is still stuffy, so forgive me if i jump around topics and don't make a lot of sense. ok the week in review!

i have no recollection of monday. none!

on tuesday i know nina had dance and maggie and i went to rite aid and hannaford. good times. i got some wrapping paper, 75% off. princess and tinkerbell, the girls played with it for half an hour. i love the way they make toys out of anything.

wednesday nina had dance again.

thursday we went to the Y for swim, running around the track, and then dinner at ebb tide. big day! we've been doing a lot of Y stuff this week, it's cold out.

and today, just hanging out at grandma's!

so see, there wasn't too much to write about. just a slow, cold week in january. the only thing that's changed is that maggie is talking more and more each day. she's putting together a lot of 3 and 4 word sentences (for example: look mama, big neigh! or, no nina mine!!!! haha). she says "okay" a lot too, only she pronounces it "otay" which is the cutest thing ever.

oh, and i've been sewing a lot, but the pictures are all up on facebook so you all know about that already. i love it! anyone need anything sewn or mended, you just let me know!

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