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Saturday, January 23, 2010

mermaid stylish

the girls and i like to watch say yes to the dress on TLC (liked. TLC is gone now!). it's a show about kleinfeld's in NY, a store with like, 15,000 wedding dresses, and it follows the sales staff and the women they sell dresses to. we love it. nina has picked up a lot about style from it, but i didn't think maggie had, until yesterday.
we were visiting bethany and sam while they were here in boothbay, and the TV was on with project runway playing. (project runway is about some wannabee fashion designers and heidi klum is a judge). there was a fashion show going on, with fashions by the designer/contestants, and the models were walking down the runway. maggie looked up at it as a woman in a halter gown was walking down the runway. "mermaid," she commented. "no," i said, "that's not mermaid style, that's an A-line."
bethany looked at me. "what are you talking about?" she asked.
and i had to explain that we watch say yes to the dress and maggie was commenting on the dress style. at which point nina chimed in "no maggie, that's not mermaid-stylish." (that's how she says it). (the dress was more of an A-line FYI)

funny kids!

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