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Monday, January 18, 2010

snow day!

wow did we get a lot of snow today! we were expecting about 2 inches overnight, but instead woke up to about 8, and it was still snowing! we ended up getting about a foot. the girls and i got out twice to go frolic in the fluff (it was very light powder, not suitable for snowballs or snowmen, but great for jumping in). not too too cold, high was 29 i think, but windy. maggie liked it when i plopped her into the snow and nina liked climbing up on the snow banks that the plow truck left and then rolling down.

nina was supposed to go to her first swimming lesson today but morning classes were canceled at the Y. class is at 9:30. early! i think i'll take maggie running on the track while nina swims. i'll let you know how she likes it next week!

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Vanessa said...

Our snow is quickly melting with warmer temps and rain. But now it has been foggy, cloudy and rainy for a while! Hopefully the sun will return soon.