about a dream: water park was fun!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

water park was fun!

maggie and nina loved it, and so did we! there were little water slides for the kids with a shallow pool where they spent most of their time. they also loved the hot tub, which was only 95 degrees--so, like warm bath water, and not too hot for them. there was also a tube slide for people over 48 inches tall, and it was so much fun! nick and i did it a bunch of times. one of the tunnels was dark, the other one was light. the dark one was kinda like space mountain. fun fun fun! there was also a river that you could float down in tubes. the 4 of us got on a double tube and had fun on that too.

for nina, the hotel room was almost as much fun as the water park. she loves hotels!

today we're at erik and isabelle's, have fun with them and chester.

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