about a dream: 2 maggie cuties

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2 maggie cuties

1. when we were eating dinner at the restaurant at the hotel this weekend, maggie had a runny nose. "ooh," i said, "let me wipe your snot." "not snot," said maggie, "it's mucous."
haha! this comes from the princess and the frog--it's not slime, it's mucous!

2. on the way home to maine, nina fell asleep and we were trying to keep maggie happy. i found a lollipop (half-eaten, but clean) and gave it to her. usually she loves lollipops but she freaked out. "baun wun! baunnnnnnn wuuuuun!!!!" she yelled. we panicked! we didn't know what she was saying and didn't want her to wake up nina. "brown one?" i said. "we don't have any more lollipops!" i said. but i looked anyway. and there, in the console, was a half-eaten brown lollipop. i gave it to maggie. "baun wun," she said. "red one ninas."
she was right! a week or 2 ago i had given them lollipops in the car, and nina had the red one and maggie had the brown one. she remembered! nick and i couldn't believe it.

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Vanessa said...

both of those are very impressive!