about a dream: this is what a day is like around here

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

this is what a day is like around here

"i'm chester, mama's isabelle, nina's bider, papa's bear, otay? woof woof!"


"i'm tigger, mama's christopher robin, nina's pooh, papa's eyore, grandma's rabbit, grandpa's owl."

papa is also often lion king. i go days without hearing "mama." it's cute, wonderful that she has such a great imagination, but i get confused! one minute i'm prince erik and she's haaaa (that's ariel. "ariel" became "haaa" because of one of the songs ariel singss), the next minute i'm isabelle... it's too much for my tired little brain!

and this tired little brain is going to bed soon, so i'll write more later...


Oma said...

You mean that's 21-month-old Maggie saying this??!! I assumed at first it was Nina, but then looking at it more closely (the references to "I" and "Nina"), I realized it must be Maggie! That's mind-boggling!

(I wrote this once before, but it disappeared, so forgive me if it shows up twice.)

nick and des said...

yes, it's maggie! she's got quite the little imagination. i forgot to add that i'm also mama ducky this week a lot, and she's baby ducky, and she wants us to go to the pond. i think she remembers feeding the ducks in austria, because she also talks about ducks and the pond in general. i asked her if she remembered feeding the ducks in the pond with oma and she said yes, but you can never be sure if yes is yes, or yes is just her being agreeable. but since she's the one that first brought up seeing ducks in the pond, i do think she remembers.