about a dream: that was quite the storm we ended up having on thursday night!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

that was quite the storm we ended up having on thursday night!

wind gusts were over 60 mph and the house was shaking! it felt like a hurricane. it almost was! i couldn't sleep in my bedroom because it was just too loud and too cold. the wind was coming from the northeast (i guess if it was snow instead of rain they would have called it a nor'easter), and my bedroom is in the northeast corner of the house. the wind was just pouring in through the sliding doors and window, and the sound of the rain against the glass was like a train. so i slept on the futon at the top of the stairs.

amazingly, we didn't lose power. there were about 5 trees down between our and mom and dad's house, just one really big one (trunk about 2 feet in diameter), but that one was partly rotted on the inside. lots of smaller branches down.

then, at about 12:30 am that night, our basement fire alarm went off! we're not sure why, there was lightning so maybe a nearby strike? or just smoke blowing back inside cuz of the wind? i dunno, but it didn't come back on so we fell back asleep. still, it made for a terrible night's sleep!

and now today, we wake up to 2 inches of snow. it was all gone yesterday! what crazy weather we're having!

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