about a dream: ice skating was a hit!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

ice skating was a hit!

nina loved it and can't wait to go back! maggie even tried skating with skates, but it was too hard, so we just put her shoes back on. she said she preferred the shoes. but nina wants to be back out there on skates tomorrow! i had taken the girls over for a party at the rink, it was our first time out there. it was really hard to skate with the 2 girls, so i think we'll have to go back with nick. that way one person can hold maggie's hand and the other can help nina. also, there were kids learning to skate by holding on to kiddie chairs. kinda like walking with a walker. smart idea! either way, i'll need nick if i'm going to skate because i can't skate and hold on to maggie. bummer! (oh, they had skates in nina's size at the rink, and some that were big on maggie but worked well enough. how cool is that!)

by the way, maggie AGAIN had a poop as i was trying to put her to sleep. can it really be intentional, or is it just her pooping time? i wonder...


Oma said...

Where is the rink? The Boothbay Common?

nick and des said...

it's at the boothbay fire department. it's great!!