about a dream: "it's not roses all the time." "it's not roses all the time."

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"it's not roses all the time." "it's not roses all the time."

the girls are an absolute joy, we all know that. but to be totally honest, they can also be annoying sometimes. so, in a departure from the typical oh-look-at-the-cute-things-they-did-today post, i'm going to complain about the ways they get under my skin. bullet format!

*nina thinks it's funny to repeat whatever i say. not funny.
*maggie saves up her poops so that she can finally let them out before she falls asleep. this is her way of postponing bedtime by 15 minutes. clever, but evil.
*nina has a few things she's obsessed with; right now it's the drips after she pees, so wearing pants and underwear is a constant struggle. this week she added a fixation with this one ponytail elastic. bizarre. oh yeah and socks, but she's pretty much past that now.
*maggie won't let anyone but me take off her shoes and jacket.
*nina is hyperactive. the internet says this is normal, but it's still annoying. i think she's more hyperactive than the average 4-year-old, but fortunately i don't spend enough time with other 4-year-olds to be sure.
*maggie still nurses all night long some nights. to be fair, lately this has improved. she only nurses all night long approximately every third night now. the other nights she only wakes me up about 2x to nurse. in case anyone is confused, she's not 2 months old any more.

ah, i feel better!

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