about a dream: the olympics are on!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

the olympics are on!

nick and maggie were watching bobsledding tonight. "me do that," commented maggie. she'd love it i know... she has a need for speed!

i have sewn the girls matching nightgowns. too cute! they look like little frontier girls. i promise to get pictures tomorrow. if i can get them to wear the dresses again. when i was sewing maggie's she refused to try it on. "no nightgown!" she'd yell, running away. but when it was finally done and she eventually put it on, she liked it. "i'm a princess!" she said.

on another note, nina refuses to let nick near her food and freaks out if anyone eats or drinks anything that is hers. how could i possibly have a child like this! my dream life of communal food is coming to an end, i can feel it.... the sacrifices we make for our kids, you know? changing who we are to make them happy. do you know i once even shaved my armpits because nina told me to? what was she, 2 or 3, i don't remember... goodbye hairy pits, goodbye ice cream from the carton. i didn't realize parenting would involve these kinds of sacrifices.


Vanessa said...

Ha ha! Dad will be pleased (no eating ice cream out of the carton).

nick and des said...

i know! it's karma getting me...