about a dream: sometimes I feel like an olympic athlete!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

sometimes I feel like an olympic athlete!

here was our day:
cook eggs for everyone for breakfast
at the Y for play with nora and iris: running around the track, open gym, back to the track, and downstairs in the workout/teen rooms
home for lunch. leftovers!
watch a few minutes of the little mermaid II (depressing)
get all the swim things together
back to the Y for open swim
dash to hannaford for a few things
back to the Y because I FORGOT THE CRACKERS OMG WILL SOMEONE ELSE EAT THEM!!!!!!!!!! (nina, remember, does NOT want other people eating her food!)
home for dinner
cook dinner
hide from kids
get kids ready for bed
nurse maggie to sleep

that was 12 episodes of getting the kids in or out of the car. since maggie weighs about 28 lbs, and i have to lift her in AND out, that's 336 lbs lifted for carseats only! where's my gold nick, where's my gold...

wwwwhew! no wonder i am so tired.

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Oma said...

I hope the kids were tired after all that activity as well!