about a dream: we've all been sick!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

we've all been sick!

it's not an awful sick, moderate i'd say but long and drawn out. and the cough is awful. both girls have thrown up a few times from it (i almost did too! it's a doozy). BUT seems like we're all on the mend now.

we managed to get to the Y for open swim this afternoon. we've been cooped up for a while, between the sick and it being too cold to go out for sick kids, and today the girls were bouncing off the walls. so we went, and nina swam so well! only 2 swimming lessons, but her technique and confidence are much improved. she swam with 2 bubbles, then no bubbles (mostly just treading water, she was still a bit scared to swim with no bubbles, but she stayed where the water was only up to her shoulders), then with 1 bubble. the important thing is that she really has a lot of fun swimming on her own, it's so cute!

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