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Monday, February 22, 2010

long time no blog!

well not that long i guess, but it feels like it's been a while.

nothing really specific to talk about tonight... so why don't i recap the last few days. hm... friday. what happened friday? oh i know, we were going to have a playdate with nora and iris, but their mom was sick so we ended up hanging out at home in the morning, playing dress-up and fixing up the dungeon playground. i mean, the play area in our basement. see, i have a rug down there, a small slide, the girls' bikes, and a few other things, and it's become an alternate place for us to run around on cold days (even though friday really wasn't that cold). but it's kind of depressing looking still, being an unfinished basement and all, so i call it the dungeon playground. the girls love it down there though.
in the afternoon we played with charlie and hattie. did a little bit of sledding, which maggie just LOVES. more! more! she yells. the girl is a daredevil!

on saturday we took a walk to the penny lake preserve. maggie is still talking about ducks at the pond, so we were hoping to catch some. we didn't see any from the bridge (there's a bridge over the pond), but we did hear one quacking JUST as we were getting back into the car. i caught a quick glimpse of it flying, but then it disappeared. how disappointing!
after that, the girls went in mom and dad's hot tub (which they LOVE. nina would go in every day if we let her). by 6:30 they were so tired that maggie was running to the door, demanding to go home and go to bed. yes ma'am!

sunday was fun too. the moss family came over for some smores over the fire pit. the kids play really well together and we all had lots of fun.

then, today, we played with james in the morning and around the house in the afternoon. lots of wagon rides! good times.

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Oma said...

There's the solution to getting them to go to bed on time: the hot tub!