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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


well, turns out poor nina is pretty sick after all. she has bronchio-sinusitis, it's like a sinus infection that has spread to the lungs too. it's also gotten in to one ear. poor kid! she didn't seem that sick, no fever or anything, and pretty much her usual self, just a little bit tired. but i should remember that she always acts like her normal self even when she's sick. well at least i took her! i have to say the only reason i made the appointment yesterday was because my friend jeanne was at the Y with us and she commented on how sick nina looked. and nina was coughing up a lung too at that point because she had been running around. i had just figured that since she didn't have a fever, she didn't have an infection. go figure, you can have an infection without a fever. the dr said it was good that we came in when we did because this could progress to walking pnemonia.

still, he said she was OK to go to dance if she had the energy for it, so we ate lunch at the ebb tide and then went to dance. maggie only finally feel asleep on the way home (her shot went just fine, she's tough!), and she's still asleep on the couch now.

we'll take it easy for the rest of the afternoon and hopefully little nina will be feeling 100% soon!

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Oma said...

Awwww! Get well soon, Nina! Oma sends you a big kiss! And one for Maggie, too, for being such a brave girl getting her shot!