about a dream: maggie's language has really exploded lately

Monday, February 22, 2010

maggie's language has really exploded lately

she's talking in complete sentences most of the time now. it's amazing how quickly this happened. it started around christmas and just keeps gaining momentum. every day i hear new vocabulary (words like 'facebook,' as in "mommy's checking facebook." and 'kneesocks' as in, "i want kneesocks." and 'need' as in, "lion king, i need go downstairs!" at bedtime. lion king is nick of course!).

everything is in sentences. "where are marshmellows?" she said yesterday. "oh, nina has them." or, "mama, read me." or, "nina's biwis, i'm chester, mama's inabelle. bone! bone!" (pop tarts are their doggy bones).

i'll try to take better mental not of her vocabulary. nina's is also amazing (did i write about the time she said navigating one of her favorite websites was "intimidating"?). i'm also going to try to remember her most impressive stuff.

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Oma said...

"Facebook?!" "Intimidated?!" Good grief! These girls are already wise beyond their years!