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Friday, February 12, 2010

more on how nina amazes me

her ability to think through scenarios is incredible. instead of explaining, i'll just give you an example of what i'm talking about.

a few days ago we were in the car. nina had locked her door (again. she always locks her door). the conversation went (approximately) like this:

me: nina, why do you keep locking the door?
nina: it's safer.
me (intrigued, because this is actually true): why do you think it's safer?
nina: if there's an accident it's safer.
me (wow! could she possibly understand this? at 4? on her own?): why is it safer in an accident though if the door is locked? (she already knows her poor mom is pretty dumb, so i'm not ashamed to let my 4 year old explain things in simple terms)
nina: in an accident, if the door comes open and my seatbelt comes open, i won't fall out.
me (shocked that she came up with this all on her own): wow, that's true nina. would you like me to lock all of the doors when we're in the car?
nina: yeah.

so, we lock the doors now. and i never talked about vehicle ejection in front of her, and haven't ever heard anyone else mention it, so i'm pretty certain she really did come up with this one on her own. the other possibility of course is that she can read my mind, because this is the kind of thing i worry about when we're in the car.

she's demonstrated this ability to anticipate dangers before. one time she talked about what we would do if there was 'a lot of water on the ground that came up really high.' i told her that can happen, it's called a flood, but we're safe where we are. this was a long time ago, but again, didn't follow any talk of floods. of course, these things are mostly fear/anxiety centered. she's definitely a worrier... hopefully this doesn't portend a clinical anxiety problem. ha ha, i'm worried about her worrying!

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