about a dream: another open swim thursday

Thursday, February 18, 2010

another open swim thursday

boy do we love swimming! even though it was in the mid 40s today, we went to the Y for open swim. nina swam with 2 and then 1 bubbles! she's getting really strong. swimming with 1 bubble is still a lot of work for her, but she's building up her swim muscles really fast, so i'm sure in no time she'll be swimming all on her own. she's such a big girl!!

then we run on the track. the big kids left maggie in the dust at one point and she yelled "wait james, wait! too fast!" (she loves james). it was so heart-breakingly cute. the girls usually make 3 or 4 laps, which i think is a half a mile, because i think it's an 1/8 mile track. you'd think they'd go to bed nice and early on thursday nights with all this, but no... usually they're not asleep until 9. oh well.


Oma said...

I'd just love to see a video of you all running on the track!

Oma said...

Since reading this, every time I think about Maggie calling after James to wait, I get all choked up!