about a dream: "guess who i am?"

Thursday, January 14, 2010

"guess who i am?"

when i woke up this morning, nina came upstairs and said "guess who i am?"

she was wearing a purple robe with a sword tucked into it, a pink striped hat, knee-high black stockings, pink slippers, and had "worm" (one of those floppy, tentacled rubber toys) sticking out of her shirt.

i was stumped i'll tell you!

turns out she's a soldier, specifically ping, who is mulan when she disguises herself as a solider in the movie mulan, which we've watched about 1,000 times this month. ad worm was playing the role of moo-shoo, mulan's dragon/guardian. duh!


Vanessa said...

How funny!

Oma said...

Sounds pretty complicated!