about a dream: there's time to squeeze in one last post this decade

Thursday, December 31, 2009

there's time to squeeze in one last post this decade

i sorta feel like i should do some kind of year (or decade) in review post since that's what's filling the news today, but meh, too much effort. it's 10:30 and i just now got maggie to sleep (poor kid still has a stuffy nose and i think not being able to nurse to sleep threw her off. finally i gave her some tylenol and propped us both up with pillows to nurse in an elevated position. she konked out and is sleeping still propped on the pillows. cross your fingers for me!). so just a regular old post instead.

not much happened today, because of maggie's cold we mostly stayed in. nick took nina out to play in the snow (we got 2 or 3 inches today) and mom and i took the girls to the grocery store, but that was it. a rather quiet new year's eve. tomorrow is our new year's day party, that should be fun, a little overrun with kids maybe, but fun. i'll update tomorrow if i'm not too tired, saturday if i am.

happy new year! here's to much more cuteness in 2010!

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