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Saturday, December 5, 2009

santa arrived AGAIN!

wow, that santa is a busy guy. last saturday he arrived at the common by firetruck, and today it was the harbor by boat (on the novelty). maggie was even more excited than nina! we had started the day by popping in to the historical society for some treats and to see if they have a map that nick and i are looking for (they didn't, but the southport historical society might have it). then it was on to the opera house for the festival of trees, which was pretty crowded and lacked free goodies, so we didn't stay long. from there we went to the library to make a craft and (surprise, surprise) avail ourselves of the treats. maggie got sick of waiting at the library and starting saying "santa! santa!", so off to the whale park we went. finally he arrived with mrs. claus and a whole troop of elves. the girls were so happy! THEN, if you can believe it, we even got a ride on a big trolly pulled by two horses ("big neigh!" said maggie). what an amazingly fun day. there are even pictures this time, i'll see if i can get them up tonight.

i also have videos to put up, and really, really have got to get nina on video doing the walking hula hoop, the running hula hoop, the galloping hula hoop, and the jumping hula hoop. she is too funny!

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