about a dream: nanta claus is coming to town...

Monday, December 14, 2009

nanta claus is coming to town...

maggie says nanta for santa and it is just too cute. too cute! she LOVES santa too. every time he pops up on a commercial, or even if there's just a tiny little santa somewhere on an ad or something, she points it out and gets excited. nanta! nanta!

what are some other cute things?... oh, grandpa took his usual heaping plate of food at dinner tonight and nina took a look at it and asked, "are you going to eat all that food?" dad says yes he was. "because if you don't," nina said, "it's a poor choice." hee hee! she's such a funny kid.

nina is still very fearful of bad people. a few days ago she made a sign for our wall: "no bad strangers." she even put a line through it (like the signs with a circle and a line through it. she really likes those kinds of signs).

have i posted about maggie and letters? she knows all of the letters, she has for at least a month. she drilled me on them until she got them all; i'd be in the kitchen, cooking dinner or loading the dishwasher, and she'd come up to me with one of the refrigerator magnet letters and say "this? this?" then i'd tell her, she'd repeat it, and go back to the refrigerator for a new one. now she loves to point out letters wherever we are.

what else? nina's current obsessions (besides bad people) are that the toilet will break if she flushes more than 1 square of toilet paper, that pants cannot be worn after peeing because of drips, and that food might get stuck in her throat. fortunately, she let me shampoo her hair today happily. she wanted me to curl it like wendy from peter pan, and it didn't work because her hair was too dirty (it had been a month since the last shampoo). so she was all for one. she suggested we do it in the kitchen sink (her lying down on teh counter with a towel under her neck so it was kind of like at the hair salon). she kept a towel over her face to keep the spray off of her, and it went great! she was happy the whole time. maybe another breakthrough here!

finally, poor maggie fell today in the kitchen and got a bloody nose and fat lip. poor little kid. nina was really worried but didn't cry (usually she does if maggie gets hurt). we were so proud of her for being so big. later she told mom about what happened and said, "i really keeped it together!"

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