about a dream: when is oma coming to visit?

Friday, December 11, 2009

when is oma coming to visit?

nina is asking every day. aww!! i tell her soon, and that we'll go back to austria to visit soon too. we're not sure when though. this spring? if we wait until fall, we have kindergarten to contend with! well, we'll figure it out...

and maggie cannot get enough of oma and opa in the elf yourself video! she points to the laptop when it's open and says "oma? opa?". when i put it on she says "oma! opa!" the whole time. it's too cute!!

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Oma said...

Ohhh ... they're so sweet!!! Thanks for making my day!

Spring's just around the corner, so that sounds great! But don't you think you'd have a better chance house-swapping in the summer??