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Saturday, December 26, 2009

uploading videos problems...

i was trying to upload videos of the kids, but then i realized they're way too big to upload, so so much for that. they're even too big for you tube! blech! they're the videos we're taking using the camera in the laptop, and i guess they just record really big. i'll go back to using the camera i guess... but the kids like that they can see themselves while we record. when we use the camera, maggie just keeps wanting to see herself on the little screen, and then i can't record her. difficult, difficult...

well, it was a merry christmas! you can tell we're having a lot of fun when i'm not updating the blog, too busy and too tired at the end of the day to write anything. i'll try to do a bunch of posts catching up on the past week, but sometimes those peter out and i don't finish.

so, today: today we went to aunt maria and uncle lee's for christmas II. it was great fun! joseph and jessica were both there, plus a friend of jessica's (boyfriend? you don't have to answer jessica, but great grandma's not reading, so you can say whatever you want. :-)
nina fell asleep on the way home in spite of the fact that maggie was screaming, so we went to mom and dad's afterwards to get out some of that energy she stored up with her little nap. even then, she didn't fall asleep until 10 tonight. maggie was out at 9:15.

yesterday: christmas. we opened presents at the house first thing in the morning, with anne and fritz present by webcam. how cool was that! they're thousands of miles away but were with us on christmas morning. it was like some kind of high-speed internet commercial. we should have filmed it all and sold the footage to verizon or something. next time!
after opening presents here, we moved over to mom and dad's and opened presents there. it was mayhem! the girls loved their presents. big ticket items were the wagon, easel, and puppet theater. they love them! i've already been treated to a host of shows at the puppet theater (here's how one usually goes: a princess starts to tell her story in an unnaturally high, squeaky voice. maggie comes out from behind the theater with a puppet to show me. she holds it up, tells me what it is, and then runs back behind the theater. meanwhile, nina's princess meets an animal, which ends up on her head. then the animal jumps off the stage. maggie runs out with another puppet or animal (the animals have all joined the theater) to show me, tells me what it is, and runs back. more animals on the stage with the princess. "all of a sudden," says the narrator (nina), "a shark comes by!". maggie pokes her head through the curtains, holds out a puppet and says "hi!", and the show ends with a few more animals jumping from the stage. it's hysterical!!)

gosh, that was a long tangent, where was i?.... oh, christmas day. there was also a lot of playing with the princess figurines, which are another big hit, and of course the girls' best friend chester.

wow all of a sudden it's almost 11:00! more later!

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Oma said...

I'd LOVE to see a puppet show performance! (Via webcam?? Hint hint!)