about a dream: a KC recap

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

a KC recap

sorry i didn't post anything at all while we were in KC, nick was working a lot and it was busy, busy, busy (and fast, fast, fast!). wyatt is adorable!! such a cute, good little guy. nina just loved holding him, and maggie loved pointing at him and saying "baby!" then pointing at vanessa and saying "mama!". maggie also loved the boppy, i wonder if she misses ours? i guess i should drag it out of the basement and see!

one day we went into KC proper and saw the model train exhibit at the train station, plus some gingerbread houses at... where were those? i don't remember.

all in all, a great trip. though the girls were not too happy when i held wyatt. nina would pout and glare, and maggie would whine. one time nina asked, "but we're not taking him home, right?". actually, it was more of a command. :-)

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