about a dream: some more potty success!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

some more potty success!

today i really embraced the fact that maggie is a fiercely independent little girl who wants no help with anything. so instead of telling her to tell me when she has to go potty so i can take her, like i did with nina, i put her little potty on the floor and told her that when she has to go, she should pull her pants down and just go by herself. all by herself. just her.

and she did!

within an hour, she did it! she sat down on that potty when she had to go and peed! she did forget to pull her pants down that first time, but that's ok.

she used the potty all day today! if she hadn't gone in a while, i would remind her that the potty was there for her to use by herself when she was ready, and often she did go at the reminder. but reminding her is no big deal; heck, i still remind nina to go.

we mostly stayed in today, close to that potty. it's supposed to be super cold tomorrow and the next day too, so we'll probably stay in for the most part again. keep your fingers crossed that this is it!

yay maggie!


Vanessa said...


nick and des said...

kind of... until you consider the number of times i have cleaned poop and pee off the floor in the last 8 months. plus the number of times she's peed in her training pants... i think most people would find starting this early not worth the trouble. you have to not mind cleaning pee up off the floor, that's for sure! but i do it to save the diapers from the landfills! i really, really should have used cloth diapers from the beginning and saved myself the hassle!!!

Oma said...

Good for you, Maggie, and good for you, too, Mommy, for figuring it out!