about a dream: kiddie cuteness (to clear out thoughts of ticks)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

kiddie cuteness (to clear out thoughts of ticks)

by the way, we sprayed extensively. me, who hates insecticides and pesticides and chemicals of that sort, has consented to--nay, DEMANDED--spraying of our brush. and anthills (more like, ant mountain ranges, but that's another post for another day. i'm bugged out).

so, for the past few days nina has been especially spirited. the other day she wasn't listening to me, and i was telling her she had to, or else i was going to scold her (she really doesn't like to be scolded. in fact, she told me that she though i didn't love her because i scolded her. way to stab your mother in the heart, nina. after all the love i've lavished upon you for 4.75 years, this is what i get. i hope you feel bad. so anyway now i don't scold her unless she doesn't respond to warnings about being scolded, which i think has only happened about 2x in the past month).

well anyway, it went something like this:

nina: i don't want to.
me: you have to, or else i'm going to scold you.
nina: i don't want to. why do i have to listen to you anyway.
me: you have to listen to me because i'm your mother.
nina (her beautiful, insolent little face screwed up in frustration): well, you've got a point there...

ha! and to top it off, she actually listened.

and a maggie story: she now narrates what she's doing as she plays, so eavesdropping on her while she is playing is really fun. tonight, she was playing with a stuffed alligator and snow white. "i'm hungry," she made the alligator say. "i'm going to eat snow white!" and then she stuffed her in his mouth. a violent end for our princess!

she's also really in to puzzles. she can do 12 piece jigsaw puzzles on her own. the hardest part for her is actually putting the pieces into place, her fine motor skills are great for her age, but a jigsaw puzzle is still a challenge. she can do it, but i think she gets tired. we have one 18 piece puzzle i can give her to see if she can do it, maybe i'll try that soon. she's been doing them for a while too, probably since about 20 months old. she's really mechanically inclined.

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