about a dream: what a lovely weekend: part 1

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

what a lovely weekend: part 1

we had a great trip down to NY. we got on the road bright and early (7:30? something like that). we stopped at dunkin donuts and got sandwiches, coffee, and donuts for everyone. then we put on a movie (monsters inc) for the girls. we used the new laptop, it fit perfectly on top of a pile of stuff between the two carseats, right up against the backs of our seats.

that got us into MA without so much as a peep from the backseat. easy driving! maggie was beginning to get impatient with the carseat maybe 15 minutes or a half an hour from erik and isabelle's (she was getting tired), but we managed to keep her happy until we got there. i think chester was happier than ever to see the girls!! too cute. we had lunch and looked at erik and isabelle's pictures of their trip. looks like it was amazing!

at naptime, we got back on the road. both girls fell asleep, and we made it to CT before anyone stirred. then, they watched a bug's life. before we knew it, we were in NYC (we did hit some rush hour traffic, but only on our short stretch of the hutch. not too bad).

i think we got in to the mascia's at about 6:30, and the girls had a great time playing until bed. a successful trip down!

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