about a dream: kindergarten open house was this morning!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

kindergarten open house was this morning!

whew, it feels good to be caught up on the blogging! since we're leaving early early friday morning for kansas city, i have a feeling we're going to have another long blogging break followed by a flurry of catch-up posts, but i'll do my best. having nick home will be inspirational, i'll feel the need to blog to keep him posted. or maybe we'll talk on the phone, we'll see. :-P

anyway, kindergarten open house. it was today from 10:40 to 11:15, and took place in the kindergarten classrooms (which were huge). basically, it was just a chance for the kids to meet the teachers (even though mrs. nash is retiring this year and will be replaced by mrs. mueller from the 1st grade) and see the classrooms. the classrooms are huge! nina mostly played with the kitchen, dollhouse, and magnetic dress-up dolls (like wooden paper dolls). maggie stayed at the healthy kids playgroup with grandma, making soft pretzels, and was totally fine while we were gone. it's really nice that she's out of that can't-be-apart-from-me phase, she totally understands where i am while i'm gone and that i'll be back soon. yay! anniversary dinner in a few weeks will be so nice now that i know she won't cry!

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