about a dream: what a lovely weekend, part 3

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

what a lovely weekend, part 3

family sunday

sunday morning, we went to the bel aire diner for breakfast. mmm, i'd missed it! yummy as usual, and we were there early enough to miss the morning rush (because new yorkers don't really do anything before noon on a sunday). afterwards we went to the playground (again!), and played with some of the same group from the day before.

next, we went to howard beach to see the family there. thomas and april and peter, henry, marilyn and the girls, and maria and her boys were all there. the kids played outside because it was such a nice day, and we all had dinner.

oh here's a cute little story: i was nursing maggie on the couch in grandma and grandpa's TV room, and she elbowed me with her sharp little elbow while she was getting up. i said to nick "ouch, she got me right in the kidney. i think she ruptured it, i'm gonna have to go to the hospital here," just joking around (even though she really did get me right in the kidney and it really did hurt!), and maggie started crying! "are you hurt?" she said. and i quickly reassured her that i was just kidding. "you're just kidding?" she said. "you don't have to go to the hospital??" i felt so bad! she's becoming a very sensitive kid!

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