about a dream: my baby turns 2 tomorrow!

Friday, May 28, 2010

my baby turns 2 tomorrow!

i can't believe it. 2! i feel like i'm ready for her to turn 1, but 2? my how time flies. she's excited for her party and for the bounce house! i'll have lots of pictures tomorrow, i'm guessing the girls will be exhausted after a day of bouncing and in bed fairly early, so hopefully i'll even be able to download them in the evening. i promise i'll do my best!

so here's a cute little story: yesterday, i took the girls to the library to return some overdue books, and there was a shirtless young man on the lawn. "is he naked?" maggie asked loudly. i told her no, just not wearing a shirt, but that people sometimes call that half-naked. "what's he doing?" she asked. i said it looked like he was stretching. he was right on the side of the path, so as we approached, maggie called out "what are you doing?" "what am i doing?" he repeated. "i don't know!" said maggie. (haha! people must be so confusing sometimes to kids!). then he explained that he had gone for a run. it was so cute though!

and now an awwww story: i was in the kitchen while maggie and nina were in the living room, looking out the window above the couch, and i overheard nina say to maggie "i just love you so much! you're the cutest little baby in the world and that's why i love you so much!" then she gave her a big hug and kiss. isn't that the sweetest thing?


Vanessa said...

Happy Birthday Maggie! I'm sorry, she will be getting a belated birthday present at some point. Bad aunt...

des said...

that's ok, she'll be so overwhelmed by all the gifts. you don't have to get her anything, she won't even notice!