about a dream: nina's dress rehearsal was tonight

Thursday, May 6, 2010

nina's dress rehearsal was tonight

for her dance recital. wow, she was amazing!! i can't wait until tomorrow night to see her dance again. she was perfect! and she had SO much fun, she can't wait to dance again tomorrow night. and she does a LOT of dancing. her ballet/creative movement class does one double-length ballet and creative movement piece, and her ballet/tap class does separate ballet and tap performances. and she learned it all!

rehearsal didn't end until about 6:30, and by the time we picked up the pizza and got home it was almost 7 and the girls were HUNGRY. and tired. so they devoured some pizza, we read some stuart little, and they were OUT! woo hoo, hopefully they'll be tired enough that i can watch the office AND 30 rock. yee-ha!

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