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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

the tooth! the missing tooth is coming!

i have to say, i really thought it was just not there. but that missing right lateral incisor of dear maggie's has just begun to cut through the gum. it started in kansas city (perhaps that's part of why she was extra monstrous there). now you can't see the tooth yet, just where the gum has opened up a sliver, but that's the way it is with these baby teeth. i'm going to miss that darling little gap, but i'm happy for her, it's better if it's there.

maggie also had her 2 year well baby (child?!) checkup yesterday, and all is well. 35 inches tall, 28.5 lbs, and 19 inch head, all perfectly in proportion (height 88th percentile, weight and head 75th). just one shot, the chicken pox one. i had thought we'd done it, but then i remembered that we didn't, just forgot. oh well, she's ship-shape now.

nina also got 2 shots. there are 4 total she needs for school, so we decided to do 2 yesterday and 2 at her 5 year check-up. she was so brave! we had talked about it, and practiced holding her arm limp and still and looking away, and she was amazing! the first one didn't hurt her at all, but the second one stung as it went in, and she said ouch but it was over fast and she didn't even come close to crying. whew! she's not crazy about the idea of getting more, she wants me to find out whether there'll be stinging shots next time, and i said i would. afterwards we went to orne's candy store and the girls picked out a treat for each shot. maggie chose jelly beans, nina jelly beans and those candy raspberries and blackberries.

nina was also dr. feder's little helper; she held the stethoscope while he listened to maggie's breathing, and he let her look in my ears after he looked in maggie's. she was really excited about that. so cute!

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