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Saturday, June 26, 2010

windjammers days fun!!

boy did we have a great windjammers days! i felt better than i had the night before even though i started the day with a slight fever (tuesday night i'd gone to bed early with a fever of 100.6, feeling like i'd been hit by a truck. good old mastitis!). thanks to mom though i got a quick nap in and after that the fever was gone. maggie, too, had a late nap. this proved key in our decision to see the fireworks--if she was going to be up late anyway (and nina too, sine it rained all morning and we were stuck inside), we might was well enjoy some fireworks!

so, we went into town to see the 5 o'clock parade. the kids loved it, but truth be told it was really lacking in the floats department. there were a bunch of those little cars, and lots of firetrucks and other such vehicles, plus the community band and that 1812 fife and drum band, but i wanna say like, 5 floats. maybe 7. not much though. hopefully next year there'll be a few more!
regardless, pretty much every float threw candy, so the kids loved it. then after that, we, plus the mosses and betsy (anthony's mom, not brown) got pizza and ate it at ocean point. fun fun fun! the kids climbed all over the rocks and had a blast. the sky was perfectly clear too, you'd never believe that it had rained all morning. a perfect maine evening it was.

next we went into town ("the town" as maggie calls it) to get some ice cream and say hi to grandma. rocky coast for maggie (like rocky road) and oreo for nina. mmmm how i love the ice cream factory!

finally, we went to the DMR to watch the fireworks. i thought we'd be a bit further away from teh fireworks out there, but they've moved the fireworks barge out further from the inner harbor, so we were actually closer to it there than we would have been in town. oh well, i'd brought cotton for the girls' ears, and it turned out that nina didn't mind the noise at all. because she loved the fireworks! i was so happy. maggie was a bit afraid at first, but after a bit she got into it too (saying "ohhh" and "ahhh" and "pretty!"). what a success.

and a quick funny: while we were waiting for the fireworks to start we were admiring the moon, which was fairly low in the sky and cast a very pretty yellow path of light across the harbor. "ohh look at the moon!" said maggie. then, she noticed a family at one of the picnic tables and the food they'd brought. she ran over and yelled "let's eat!" they thought this was hysterical and gave her some goldfish. haha!

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