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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


this was our sunday:
church. brunch with the parents to celebrate mom's birthday. town. rode the trolley. church picnic at barret's park. home. playground with bethany and sam. dinner at mom's house.
wow! insane. it was so fun to see bethany and sam though, he's really growing!

monday was quieter and rainier. we hiked our recently improved trail (that was saturday's job, trail maintenance), then continued onto our neighbors' trail, which goes along their waterfront and continues along the next (empty) lot. a great little hike! nina and mom even saw a deer, how cool is that? spinach-eating fiend, i haven't forgotten... something's been munching in my strawberry patch too. fortunately just a few leaves, as i've sacrificed most of this harvest in order to let the plants mature some (which seems to be working, but i won't go on and on about that. suffice it to say, i've had to expand the patch).
a trip to hannaford was the other big highlight for monday. fun stuff. maggie was hopping everywhere and telling people she was a bunny. it was pretty cute.

today we did the playground in the morning, a quick swim, and just playing around outside at our place. nina and maggie play so well together, it's so fun to watch them. nina takes such good care of her little sister. so adorable!

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